CEO : Saeed Khan

CEO Message


Today's world facing many challenges, one of them is safe and nutritious food selection out of the processed food queued in market. We see a growing need for nutritional innovation and exciting opportunities to accelerate their arrival. Societies are aging and lifestyle related diseases are spiraling, fueling the need for safe, health effective and cost-effective solutions.
My vision as a CEO of Master Foods & beverages is to take responsibility to provide safe and nu-tortious food to our valued customers and need to go more beyond where further growth is to start with the consumer, offering people a variety of food products & beverages that makes everyday moments more enjoyable with our safe and nutritious food products.
We are continuously refining our revenue growth management practices to ensure we have the right price and package combinations in the market place to best meet consumer needs and de-sires We also believe in development of our valued employees and professionals by provision of all that facilities which enable them to perform best in their professional activities and if they strengthen their turns our will into reality.
Our employees are incredibly strong and motivated team which I am really proud to lead and that is the most important prerequisite for success. We are balancing our focus on large brands while responding to emerging consumer trends, making targeted investments in fruit pulp, squashes, syrups, Jams, snacks, kitchen range and other categories that complement people's diverse lifestyles. This includes beverages with organic and natural ingredients, with reduced sugar or new sugar alternatives, and with more vitamins, minerals and protein.
We are also turning our day by day challenges into new opportunities. Thank you for joining us as we continue to build upon the way people everywhere engage with The Master Foods & Beverages Pakistan.

Our Products

Our best selling products.

Master Lemon & Mango Squash

Jam-e-Kausar & Ice Cream Syrup

Master Jam & Marmalade

Master Masala

Master Snacks

Master Ispaghol

Our Projects

We are running the follwing projects, and our products are availables in almost all of the top cities of pakistan.

Master Food & Beverages Industry

Master food & beverages established in 1994 by Mr. Saeed Khan and Brothers. We believe that food plays a vital role in achieving a healthful life. So our philosophy is to provide Quality food products as pure as love, the love that is required to take care of our own.

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Master Peach Processing Unit

PEACH PROCESSING UNIT SWAT established in 2012 which is Pakistan's first peach processing unit in Swat. The PPU is the project of Master Food Swat, is having decades of experience in the field of fruits and food processing.

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